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In addition to ignoring our true Nature, we do not know our true position in everything Created. We do not know what the structure of Creation is, the origin of Creation, and why we are on Earth as Human beings.

At Last, the End explains what the structure of everything is. The Unmanifest Absolute, the Origin, and the Manifested Absolute, the Creation, and what are the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Maintenance that govern everything Created.

The most important thing is to show the reason for our present position in this Totality, and what is the process of evolving towards the true position of Human beings that corresponds to us.

The summary is as follows.

We are positioned in the Created for a cause, and we must evolve within the Created until we reach the Last of our position as Humans. Arriving at the Last we will arrive at the origin of Creation, but the Last is only the step before the End.

The End is the true cause of the origin of Creation: our true origin, and our necessary end.

Our Last is the integration with the Absolute Manifested, the beginning of Creation.

Our End is the integration with the Absolute Unmanifested. We are created beings, but we must integrate with the origin of all Creation, the Absolute Manifested.

The gateway to the Absolute Unmanifested.

Integrating ourselves with the Absolute Manifested confers on us our Infinite Nature, turns us into Full Right Humans, and immediately integrates us spontaneously with the Absolute Unmanifested.

A position that in its day we rejected and from which we split.

A serious mistake for which we are still paying the consequences. Our Last is riot Death, it is Infinity.

We are Immortal.


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