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The Human beings have come to this world to evolve. We are immersed in a Creation populated with infinite Universes, each of them inhabited by created beings with a determined level of evolution. Interestingly, human beings are in an evolutionary position very close to the Totality. That is, we are very close to our evolutionary end. Possibly it is due to a serious mistake we made just when we were already at the end of our evolutionary process.

It was described as the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. Instead of integrating with the pure Infinitude, we prefer to give up this last step, and remain in our position as humans governed by an ego that promised to continue allowing us to do what we wanted. Undoubtedly, a serious mistake with far-reaching consequences. We regressed in our evolutionary position, and after many years of different existences we appeared as Human beings.

Our current position as humans is wonderful because we are at one step from reintegrating with the Infinitude. We can do it in a natural way, but we are not able to do so. To integrate with the pure Infinitude is to be Immortal, Eternal, Love, and Happiness. Integrate with the Absolute.

All Creation is governed by the Natural Law. All we see is ONE. The Unmanifested Absolute and the Manifested Absolute. The first Abstract Infinitude, and the second Relative Infinitude. A complete Absolute Unity. This unit is governed by the Natural Law that organizes the events in a spontaneous and natural way.

Humans have not yet integrated with this Totality, we have collapsed with our false nature, with the Ego, and with the false illusory reality of Duality. But, although we do not know the Totality, we are immersed in it. This means that every day we pay the consequences of whatever violation of the Natural Law we commit. Our laws and the Natural Law have nothing to do with each other. Ours are false, and those of the Natural Law are True.

The constant violations of the Natural Law keep the Humanity away from its infinite potential as Fullfledged Human beings. But the freedom that human beings have, distances some from their infinite potential, and brings them closer to others. It means that after the Death as Humans, some will reincarnate in an almost celestial world, and others will reincarnate in a much wilder world.

On the other hand, the Creation was created with many fundamental Laws, one of the main ones is that the Creation was going to be governed by the triple Law of Creation, Destruction, and Maintenance. This means that when some environment of the Created is broken due to the continuous violation of the Natural Law the lack of evolution has generated, the Natural Law will facilitate the corresponding Order.

In this novel the necessary removal of the galaxy from Earth, and its new re-construction is revealed.

In our current world we are reaching a very notorious evolutionary block. We do not advance. What we are doing is going bankrupt, accepting the circumstances, and waiting for the result.

For some an eternally resplendent life, and for others a little darker life.

All according to Natural Law. 

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