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We Are God speaks of who we really are.

Who we are does not refer to our appearance, to our character, or to our individuality that we have created, it refers to our true Nature.

Our Nature is what corresponds to us as Human beings. Our true capacity as Humans.

And not only what the capacity of a brain, a body, a mind, and a sense of self supposes.

We are talking about our Nature as Human beings who participate in the Infinity of everything Created, the Absolute Manifested, and of the Infinity of the origin of everything Created, the Absolute Unmanifested.

We have an Infinite Nature of which we are not yet aware. We Are    God explains our true Nature as Humans, shows our profound ignorance about it, and shows us what the Philosophical and Psychological research has been throughout History about our Nature as a Human beings. Positioning ourselves in our true Human Nature is a personal and nontransferable act.

This book does not intend to indoctrinate anyone,

the only thing that it intends is to respect the freedom of all. Wanting to integrate with our true Nature, the Infinite, it is a personal decision.

We Are God only informs about our current position as humans and what is the way to transform ourselves into what we really are: Our true Nature.


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